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  Yes, it’s that time of year again. Leaves are falling, the air is chilling, my fingers are cramping. I’m writing more words. Lots and lots of words. New words never seen before. Well, in precisely this order anyway. I’ve been revising so much the last few months that writing new words feels strange and … Read the rest
  Or maybe he’s not impressed with his own. Whatever. Happy Halloween to all the ghouls, goblins, beasties, nurses, kumquats, devils, ketchup bottles, pirates, ghosts, angels, purple princesses, firemen, spidermen, batmen, cat women, giant strawberries, fairies, roaring twenties flappers, wood sprites in hooker shoes, and, of course, the Great Pumpkins. May you all forever grasp onto … Read the rest
As I head into my writer cave, I can’t help but notice how cold my nose is. And my toes. Fall fell while I wasn’t looking. I should have known, because they started building the ice rink in the town square. Ice! It took me by surprise because my head is still back in summer. … Read the rest
A benefit of hauling my behind to the Outdoors, besides the chance to breath fresh air and force my body into positions not supported by a chair, is scenes like these. If you ever visit the DC area, do take half a day and check out Great Falls National Park. It’s $5 to park. They … Read the rest