As I head into my writer cave, I can’t help but notice how cold my nose is. And my toes. Fall fell while I wasn’t looking. I should have known, because they started building the ice rink in the town square. Ice! It took me by surprise because my head is still back in summer. In Texas, it’s a perpetual summer with maybe a month of cooler non-summer. Followed by more summer. This changing of seasons is still new to me. On the one hand, it sure is pretty. On the other, it sure does point out that the wheel is turning. Time is passing. I’m getting older. Trees are going bald. Flowers are tucking themselves away. Birds are packing it in and heading to warmer spots.

It kind of makes me sad. I’ve always been a fan of Spring, myself. Renewal. Awakening. Promise. Hope. Life.

But the fall leaves sure are pretty. So there’s that.