Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it. I’m not a stalker. I don’t follow you around the interwebs and or crawl through your underwear drawer. But here it is, for the few who are just that dedicated and/or masochistic…
This website does collect the usual types of data, including:

1. The information that you manually provide (including, but not limited to, leaving a comment, filling out a contact form, signing up for the newsletter, etc.). This information can be tied directly to you because of the information you’ve provided.

2. The information that’s automatically collected via third-party partners included on this site (potentially including, but not limited to Google Analytics, JetPack). The types of information collected here include things like your pages visited, links clicked, and browser type. Generally, third-party partners only give us this information in the aggregate (e.g. it’s not identifiable to you) but sometimes this information can be directly tied to you (e.g. if you signed up for our list via an ad on Facebook, or if I got ambitious enough to run some sort of Twitter campaign which, let’s be honest, I don’t see myself doing but who knows).

Most of this information is only used in the aggregate to let me know what readers are interested in reading. If I write an unusually strong newsletter I like to know about it so that I can do a repeat performance. It’s all about providing you, the reader, with the best possible experience. That’s it. I’m to looking at anyone specifically, just an overall trend to point me in the right direction.

The information collected is only shared with others if required by our terms of service/agreement with those parties, or if legally required to by law. If you’re really curious, at the moment I use MailChimp who has their own privacy policies in place. They don’t sell your data to anyone but ME, and they only give me what I’ve asked for which is…what link is being clicked how many times, and how many of my sent newsletters were actually opened. Yes it’s a big deal if you don’t open the newsletter, because that means I need to up my game. Ignore it enough times and you end up purged from the list because it literally costs me money to send these newsletters to you, and if you don’t want them…well, I don’t want to pay to send them. It’s a business thing. Remember, you can opt out at any time, in any of the newsletters, just by hitting “unsubscribe.” I immediately stop tracking anything about you at all and remove you from my memory banks.


Terms of Service

By visiting, you are consenting to the site’s terms and conditions.

Comments: This site sometimes allows users to comment. All comments require approval before they are posted because otherwise we get all kinds of spammy things happening. And at the moment you can’t actually comment anyway because I’ve removed all blog pages and comments associated with them but who knows, one day I might start blogging again in which case, if you choose to comment…well, that’ll be public, right? Of course. So if you don’t want people to see you posting something, don’t post.

Intellectual Property: This site contains intellectual property owned by Melinda VanLone and WrittenHouse Publishing. However, I’d love for you to share the site’s content. Spread my name around like little flower seeds. Dandelions, if you will. Tell the world about the worlds I’ve created. I’d be thrilled if you did. Put my name in there or a link to the website and I’m a happy camper.

Any information is used at the readers’ own risk. Melinda VanLone and WrittenHouse Publishing do not take responsibility for injury that may result.

Changes: These terms were last updated May 2018. Changes will be updated on the website.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service based on resources from the artist’s JD.

Affiliate links may be used throughout the melindavan website. This means that if you make a purchase through this link, I may receive a commission. Thank you for your support!