I’m plotting. Scheming. Planning evil deeds. For my characters, that is. Book 3 of the House of Xannon is about to consume my brain. Book 2, Promise of Magic, is making its merry way through revisions and edits. Hopefully it’ll hit digital shelves somewhere around February. Seem like a long time? Don’t worry, I have things in store for you my friends. *rubs hands together* *chortles*


In the meantime, I managed to venture forth into the great outdoors, braving the dark, the cold, the allergens, to bring you this. I was hoping for sunrise over the hills, but instead I found Alien Landscape. That’s okay, I’m rather partial to such scenes. And since they’re only available at that precise moment of dawn when the temperature is just right and the stars align, I feel very lucky to have been there to witness this. And now I’m sharing it with you because that’s the kind of person I am.