A piece of an old building they are trying to renovate in Albany, NY.

A piece of an old building they are trying to renovate in Albany, NY.

Well, not really. But it got your attention I bet.

I’ve been out of town at a convention. I met an awesome writer buddy, and ate pretty good food, but that’s the highlight. The convention itself left me wondering why I do things when it’s clear it’s not helping me in any way? I revert to school mode, where you sit in the classroom and listen even though the information does not apply to you, and even though you know there are better ways to spend your time. I sit. I do nothing. My brain dies a little.

I keep asking myself “why didn’t I just leave and go make some photos?”

Or leave and write. Or leave and explore. Or leave and do…anything really. Why keep going to sessions that mean nothing to me, that put me in a coma, that didn’t offer  insight or inspire me in any way?

I have no idea. If you have an answer, let me know?

I did manage to get one or two shots, but nothing worth bragging about. I did brainstorm a bit on a couple of short stories, but that didn’t get them written. I did think about my Work In Progress, but that didn’t get it revised. Yes, I’m frustrated because I felt like I wasted valuable time and have nothing to show for it. And the only one to blame for that is myself.

I did get a tiny spark of an idea that will go with my super secret new series, you know, the one I haven’t told you about. And I met Sue Grafton! In person. Face to face. I shook her hand. I got her signature. I said a sentence or two, and she responded. She was very, very sweet.

So there’s that.

I’ll be out and about Friday doing touristy things around DC with a friend. I swear I’ll come back with better stories, a better attitude, and better photos. And giggles. Lots and lots of giggles. And maybe some food porn.