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This is Fall?


Yesterday I went for a walk around the town square to bask in the sunshine for awhile. It was 70 degrees, and fantastically sunny. I think it caught everyone by surprise, because most of the people I saw still had their winter coats or scarves on. Let me tell you it was way too warm for coats. It was downright balmy, and I enjoyed every second of it. The two years I spent in Philly taught me one important thing…never underestimate the power of sunshine on the human psyche, particularly mine. It makes me so happy to feel it on my face! I miss it when it’s gone, and I’m sure soon as the grey days really settle in I’ll start whining about how I never see the sun anymore. That just doesn’t happen in Texas. The sun loves Texas. But here in DC, I bet the sun goes on a little vacation.

That’s okay, at least I saw it yesterday.


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4 comments on… “This is Fall?”

  1. I think that’s just the area you’re in. They seem to wear coats earlier and leave them on longer, even when those of us originally from elsewhere think the weather is beautiful.

    I hope you got my message about an ARC because I’d love to be able to read and review an advanced copy.

  2. I’d love an ARC! Who wouldn’t want to read your debut novel that we’ve been waiting for like, for a really long time? Problem is how to get it to me? Is there a date by which I would have to review it? People do come from the US to visit, but I don’t expect anyone soon and our mail isn’t reliable. Thoughts?

    • Hey Nora! I’m just sending digital copies so I can send it your way that way. It’ll be a PDF or a .mobi for Kindle, so either way you’ll be able to read it πŸ™‚ I’ll add you to the list! And no pressure, no due date, it’s just my gift to you πŸ™‚

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