Yesterday I went for a walk around the town square to bask in the sunshine for awhile. It was 70 degrees, and fantastically sunny. I think it caught everyone by surprise, because most of the people I saw still had their winter coats or scarves on. Let me tell you it was way too warm for coats. It was downright balmy, and I enjoyed every second of it. The two years I spent in Philly taught me one important thing…never underestimate the power of sunshine on the human psyche, particularly mine. It makes me so happy to feel it on my face! I miss it when it’s gone, and I’m sure soon as the grey days really settle in I’ll start whining about how I never see the sun anymore. That just doesn’t happen in Texas. The sun loves Texas. But here in DC, I bet the sun goes on a little vacation.

That’s okay, at least I saw it yesterday.


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