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My Life in Boxes


Well, we did it. We moved. To Maryland. It sounds very strange to me to say I live in Maryland. I’m sure this time next year, it’ll be comfortable and familiar, but right now everything is strange and new and slightly off balance.

It’s fun, starting over. Stressful, yes. Full of tiny details that grab you by your toes and drag you across the floor kicking and screaming, sure. (Or is that just me?) But it’s also an adventure. A chance to become something different, something… more.

I’ve said the words “I am a writer” about ten times over the last three days. It felt good! When someone asked “what do you do?”, I’d say those words without a stutter or hesitation. When they asked “what do you write?”, I answered “fantasy and science fiction.” I saw some eyes glaze over. I saw others sparkle and ask “what’s it about?” So I told them. I gave them my business card. I told them it was coming out in December.

It’s exciting to feel the beginning of this career gather steam. Soon, the train will leave the station, with me on it. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, this is what I’m facing. Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.


12 comments on… “My Life in Boxes”

  1. Congrats on the move and on embracing your writer status. Those boxes are daunting, but you’ll get to them. Meanwhile, you have a train to catch.

  2. Congrats on making the move safely 🙂 And I so proud of you for declaring your writer status. Not everyone will love the genre we write, but that doesn’t matter. we’ll eventually find the people who do.

    • I have a suspicion that those who looked at me funny thought I mean pure science, or they don’t read fiction at all. I’ll never understand the notion that fiction reading is a waste of time. What, exactly, do those people do with themselves? And why is it so much better?

  3. You sound so positive and energized … I love it! Have fun settling in to your new life after hitting the ‘re-set’ button.

    • I am! I’m liking the spot we chose, and eager to get these darn boxes out of here so I can focus on the next big thing :-D. Which is NaNoWriMo…only a few weeks away and I’m not ready lol.

  4. Where’s the like button? Better yet, where’s the LOVE button! Of course, I’d love it more if you were writing about moving to San Diego, but I’m so happy for you. Maryland sounds like a cool place and I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures you put up.

    You ARE a writer, and a damn good one, too. How exciting for you to have a new place to discover.

    • We really did try, Tameri! Cali would have been so much fun. But hopefully this place will be fun too and hopefully people will come visit me! A huge change is needing the heater, which we turned on briefly yesterday. I never use the heater in Dallas lol

  5. Yay, you’re there. Good luck with getting unpacked. Take your time. And it’s awesome you’re proudly telling people you’re a writer.

  6. I too tend to think of moving as a big adventure (loved Ginger’s re-set button comment) and Maryland is a cool place to live (didn’t mean that literally but it is that too). A little advice, which you are free to ignore, re: the boxes. You don’t have to unpack them as fast as you had to pack them. Get the rooms organized and liveable, stack the boxes in the corners and unpack a couple a day. You’ve got more important things to do, like write, and make new friends, and write, and enjoy the fall foliage, and write.

    • I like the way you think! We do have everything we need for daily life already unpacked. I can slow down and get back to work, and just have a goal of two or three a day. They’re bound to get done eventually right? And I REALLY need to see the fall foliage!

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