Well, we did it. We moved. To Maryland. It sounds very strange to me to say I live in Maryland. I’m sure this time next year, it’ll be comfortable and familiar, but right now everything is strange and new and slightly off balance.

It’s fun, starting over. Stressful, yes. Full of tiny details that grab you by your toes and drag you across the floor kicking and screaming, sure. (Or is that just me?) But it’s also an adventure. A chance to become something different, something… more.

I’ve said the words “I am a writer” about ten times over the last three days. It felt good! When someone asked “what do you do?”, I’d say those words without a stutter or hesitation. When they asked “what do you write?”, I answered “fantasy and science fiction.” I saw some eyes glaze over. I saw others sparkle and ask “what’s it about?” So I told them. I gave them my business card. I told them it was coming out in December.

It’s exciting to feel the beginning of this career gather steam. Soon, the train will leave the station, with me on it. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, this is what I’m facing. Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.