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Is This Art?

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Santa was very, very nice to me this year. He brought me a new camera! It’s a lot more complicated than my previous camera, and I was immediately struck by how much I needed to learn and how much fun I’d have finding out what it could do.

And then I got bronchitis.

So it’s taken awhile to get back on my feet and to get out and about with my new toy. I’m still learning, but thought I’d share this one with you and ask what you think about photography as art. Particularly if the photograph is then taken into Photoshop and tweaked a bit. Above is my final product, with a bit of artistic license inside Photoshop. Here’s the original shot:



What do you think? Are they both art? Neither? Are you a big fan of only original photographs, or do you like to see new art created from a photographic base? Are you curious how I did it?


11 comments on… “Is This Art?”

  1. They are both art. I really like what you did with the photoshopped picture! I would love to know how you did that in photoshop, but I know nothing about the software. My youngest brother is a professional photographer. I am always amazed at his great photography and what he is able to see, which at the time is not obvious to the rest of us. He can do things with his cameras that are as creative as creativity allows. He is truly an artist without a doubt.

    • I’d love to learn from your brother! I know just enough about my camera to be dangerous. Actually, I don’t know my new camera at all. What I DO know is what to do with the image once it comes off the camera. I love Photoshop and all the creative things you can do with it. The first image actually is quite easy to do…it’s nothing more than a filter. One filter, that’s it. The software is that powerful. All you have to do is play until you find something you like :-). Sort of like writing, but…visual.

  2. I agree with Tim. I think they’re both art. Photography may not require you to write or draw, but it requires you to recognize a stunning picture, make decisions about how to deal with distance, exposure, etc. And the result is a thing of beauty.

    • It wasn’t so long ago that they didn’t allow photography in museums. It wasn’t deemed “artistic” enough. I’m glad it’s changed. I agree, it does take just as much visual skill and knowledge as painting or any other art…it’s just a different medium. But sometimes I hear differently from people. To them it’s clicking a button and presto! Pretty picture. Not always the case, for sure. I take hundreds to get one or two interesting ones. I suspect a lot of photographers are the same (not that I call myself one…I’m far from it. Hobbyist is a closer title.)

  3. I agree–both art. It takes talent, not just a good camera, to create a great photograph. But the things you can do with Photoshop are art in a different way, probably somewhat like graphic design. (says the person who knows nothing about either!) I like both of them. And hey, your blogging mojo is at least blowing kisses your way!

    • Yes, she did stop by for a brief visit :-). She left me a post for Friday too so that made me happy. Now if only she’ll come back next week!

    • I love to paint, but my paintings never really look like anything. That’s why I like Photoshop so much…I can fake paint! And you can still tell what the thing was that I started with ;-). I’m glad everyone thinks it’s still art. Somehow to me it feels almost like cheating.

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 I need to take more time to play with the pictures I take. It always puts me in a creative mood, which can only help the writing. I hope.

  4. I love them both and deem them both as art. Lovely, Melinda. I was so excited when I got my camera I climbed the hill I drive by every day to get to the cross at the top just so I could take a picture. I wanted to do that forever. It took an hour and a half to walk up there and I took a bunch of pictures, but the kids were restless so I got pulled away. I couldn’t see what I was getting, or doing because the sun was so bright I couldn’t see the view finder and I refused to wear my glasses so I couldn’t make out the settings. Dumb, I know that. But that was when I first got the glasses. I have since adjusted. All of my pictures came out over exposed. I was so bummed. I so wanted to take cool pictures like my friend Melinda. It didn’t happen. Sigh. LOL. There’s my long winded story. 😀

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