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Santa was very, very nice to me this year. He brought me a new camera! It’s a lot more complicated than my previous camera, and I was immediately struck by how much I needed to learn and how much fun I’d have finding out what it could do.

And then I got bronchitis.

So it’s taken awhile to get back on my feet and to get out and about with my new toy. I’m still learning, but thought I’d share this one with you and ask what you think about photography as art. Particularly if the photograph is then taken into Photoshop and tweaked a bit. Above is my final product, with a bit of artistic license inside Photoshop. Here’s the original shot:



What do you think? Are they both art? Neither? Are you a big fan of only original photographs, or do you like to see new art created from a photographic base? Are you curious how I did it?