Since we’re leaving next weekend, I finally got around to pulling out some boxes this last weekend and packing some of the things out of this apartment that we’re taking with us.

Jasper immediately wanted to know if he was going with us. He then proceeded to beat up the box. There is no kitty toy on earth that brings as much happiness as an empty cardboard box.

Packing so far has gone something like this:

Tape box together. Place box on floor. Pull a few things out of the cabinet in the kitchen. Remove cat from box.

Wrap bowl and place in box. Wrap another bowl. Put bowl down and remove cat from box. Put bowl in box.

Wrap two more bowls, remove cat, place bowl, remove cat, wrap, toss handful of paper on floor to distract cat.

Give up and build another box for the cat.

After two cabinets, I turned to the darkest recesses of the kitchen. This area should probably have crime scene tape to keep away unsuspecting innocent strangers from the horrors that is… the junk drawer. Everyone has one, right? Tell me I’m right.

Anywhere I live a junk drawer sprouts up in the kitchen and bathroom and quickly takes over not only the drawer, but the surrounding cabinets. I try so hard to keep it organized, but junk defies that sort of thing.

What’s in my junk drawer? junk drawer, kitchen

Everything from emmory boards to scissors to no less than four (4!) rolls of tape to various bits of unidentified receipts and paper to hairball remedy to a coin purse that miraculously survived 10 years of work, then two years of oblivion in the desk I used to use, until it found it’s way to my junk drawer. Oh, there’s also plastic utensils from take out places, a couple of menus, pens, thumb tacks, and one pack of ancient gum.

There’s also this thing:





What the heck is this?





Seriously, do you know? Should I pack it, in case it’s some super important piece off some gadget that I’ve yet to discover? Do I toss it, knowing I’ll likely never know what it is and it’ll just haunt me from place to place?

What’s in your junk drawer? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found while moving?