As I mentioned on Monday, I have an exciting visitor in my house. Thor, the God of Thunder himself, is gracing me with his presence. All I can say is…wow. He’s not exactly what I expected. Sure he’s arrogant, self centered and sports the best abs I’ve ever seen. Sure he has a big…hammer. He’s all that you’d imagine, plus some.

He’s also a lush. Seriously. And it turns out, caffeine, and in particular coffee, has the same effect on him as ale, but it takes a lot less. This morning, Thor and I went for a morning stroll, just to get away from Jasper you understand (Jasper has become rather attached to Thor, to the point where he won’t stop licking him).

Thor admired the neighborhood, especially anyone in a skirt.

Then I took him to my own personal Mecca: Starbucks.


I ordered my usual, Mocha Light Frappuccino, and he insisted on a double shot espresso, muttering something about men, hairy chests, and girly drinks. Who am I to argue with a God?


He chugged that sucker like a man finding an oasis after being lost in the desert for years. I mean, he practically bathed in it. Not that I haven’t been tempted to do that myself on occasion. But still, have some pride man!


By the time we left, Thor was, dare I say, giddy. He said something about finding a trusty steed and took off so fast I lost sight of him. I have no idea where he went. If anyone sees him, give me a shout!