Change is difficult. Especially when it involves technology and the interwebs. I’ve decided to venture into the land of paid hosting, which means my cozy home here will be moving. It’ll get new curtains too. Never fear, the domain will remain the same. But sometime over the next week you might stop back by and check out the fresh paint and new rugs.

I say that in the hopes that it spurs me into figuring out exactly what color paint I want on the walls. It sounds like a simple thing, truly it does. But if you’ve ever renovated your home or apartment, you know what sorts of arguments can be spawned over paint color selection.

Did you know there are literally thousands of templates out there for websites? And beyond that you can actually pay someone to design your very own or heck, even do it yourself? The problem with so many choices is that I get bogged down in the pit of inactivity. I literally sat up till 3 am looking at template after template, trying this one and that one on for size. Not liking any of them. I’m pretty sure the internet now has my soul. My eyes glazed over, and for hours I didn’t twitch any muscle but my right index finger and the middle finger (yes THAT finger) because that is the one which operates the scroll wheel.

What’s wrong with this one? Nothing, exactly. It’s a bit too tight around the hips and a bit too loose around the boobs, but since it was free I wasn’t going to complain. Now that I’m paying? I’d really like the dress to fit exactly right and show off all my assets while hiding my flaws. A tall order, I know, and a mixed metaphor, but there it is. It’s that kind of day.