Can you tell, just by looking at this picture, if it’s sunrise or sunset?

Take a guess….

I really liked how the leaves/needles/whatever those things are on the tree swayed in the breeze when I took this. But it made it very difficult to get the picture, with all that subject movement. The ground slopes so much because I tilted the camera (probably too far, but I still like the effect). In reality, the ground is quite flat and, to me, boring. I’ve never been a big fan of reality. Fantasy is more my thing. I have a deep fascination with what’s possible, rather than what is.

A new world pops out when you turn your head sideways.

It reminds me of that movie, Dead Poets Society, when the teacher climbs up on the desk. Change your point of view, step out from your routine, or just tilt your head. You never know what you might see.

Just outside the frame: my parents sat on a bench and watched me snap away, a woman with a small dog wandered by, and a man cast a line out into the water. He didn’t catch a thing, but he seemed to enjoy trying.

Oh, and the answer to the question: it’s sunset. Now that you know, does it change how you feel about the scene?