I’m officially a stalker. I’ve been to the Tidal Basin twice, so far, and plan on at least two or three more trips down there to document every single change in those cherry blooms which, by the way, took their own sweet time in arriving. Why am I doing this? I’m obsessed. Fascinated. I love pretty flowers. I’ve been cooped up inside far too long and besides, it’s good to play tourist in your home town. How often do you really go out and see those things that are right under your nose unless family comes to visit? Not often. Daily life gets in the way. Routine takes the place of adventure. Life gets in the way of living.

The hubby and I strolled all the way around the basin yesterday along with thousands of others. At times, the crowd was a bit overwhelming and I found myself wishing I’d waited for the work week when it would thin a bit. At other times it felt like one giant party. Families spread blankets on the grass for picnics, children giggled and laughed as they played tag, couples held hands as they strolled or simply sat along the edge of the water admiring the view and each other. For the most part, even though it was intensely packed by human bodies at some points, people were still happy to be outside, thrilled to take part in this annual pilgrimage, and in general overjoyed to be basking in the spring sun.

I was one of them.

I forgot to wear sunscreen, so I brought home a bit of a souvenir in the form of a pink nose, and over 300 photos. Not all of them are good, but all remind me of a happy day spent in the sun with my sweetie.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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