Today’s blog post brought to you courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. I spent the weekend preparing and laying in supplies instead of writing and doing blog posts. On the one hand, I’m very prepared as you can see. In the event of apocalypse, I have dark chocolate, caffeine, protein, water, flashlights, candles, trail mix, Spam, two iPads, three iPhones (don’t ask), one laptop and one Kindle fully charged and ready to go. That’s not to mention the two bookcases stocked with actual paper books, the mountain of cleaning and sorting I still need to do now that the boxes are unpacked, the games I unearthed from a long forgotten stash, and the writing I should be doing and which could be done on, of all things, paper. With a pen. *shudder*

On the other hand, I’m now behind on a book layout, edits on Stronger Than Magic, and blog posts and all this weather is making me very sleepy and providing an excellent excuse to procrastinate on all those things I’m supposed to be doing.

Next week, I’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the making of the cover for Stronger Than Magic. It involved friends, a photo shoot, fun, laughter, and a bit of Photoshop magic. I know you aren’t surprised magic was involved.

To all those in the path of Sandy, stay home, cuddle, and be safe!