Well, I very nearly dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t I? I had a goal that wasn’t listed here, to migrate my website over to a real, paid, hosted site. So this last two weeks that’s what I did. I’m pretty sure I spent a solid four days doing nothing but trying out new themes. Yes, I am that easy to distract with pretty, shiny objects. But…I think I’m done! Well, done enough to move on with my other goals once more. I’ll continue to tweak, I’m sure.  But the main work is done. That doesn’t mean I stopped doing other things, I just forgot to update! So, without further delay:

1. Revise one scene of project #1 per week. Scene 1 is about one sentence away from DONE. Yes, one sentence. And I know exactly what I’m changing too, I just need to go do it. It has been the subject of an online class and it’s been hammered and beaten into submission by Les Edgerton so I’m going to call it FINISHED and move on to scene 2. Hopefully the other scenes will go a lot faster now that the first one is so wonderful.

2. Post on blog 3 x per week. Nope, didn’t make it. The website migration kind of stole any hope I had of making this one. Next week, back on track! I swear.

3. Write 1 short story per month. Currently revising the first short story but this month I also want to write a new one. Practice should make this easier, right?

4. Get out of the chair. I did ok on this, I think. Two rounds at the gym, a couple with Peggy. Oh, and a session in Latin Dance (on the Kinect) with a quite tasty instructor. I may have to blog about him. grrrrr.

5. 50/50 Challenge. I’m caught back up! woohoo. And heading out to see a silly movie today: 21 Jump Street. My husband insisted.

6. Attend and participate in online classes. Still going on. I’m really pleased with the latest classes. One is Building Your Author Platform, by Dan Blank (which is why I migrated the site to a paid site, so I could do more with it). Excellent class…I can’t recommend it enough. The other is NYWW online course called Beginnings, The Start of Your Novel. And now you see why I’ve been hammering so long at Chapter 1! It’s completely worth it, every dime I spent on the class and every hour I spent hammering at chapter 1. I recommend both things, equally. The third is Rule of Six, taught by Shirley Jump. She’s an awesome instructor, and I love this technique. Her class is one on the Margie Lawson website. There are others, and all worth a visit.

7. Ponder, and outline, new WIP. I’ve definitely been doing this. Talk about back to the drawing board! It’ll be better for it, in the long run. I think. I hope.