This past weekend my husband and I embarked on a quest to locate the perfect chair for me to plop my rear into while working. Since I spend so much time in this room, in this chair, it’s vital that it serve me well and also be insanely comfortable. I not only work here, I play here too, since my fun time usually involves computer games like WoW. The reason for the sudden quest will be explained in the newsletter on Wednesday, so if you haven’t signed up now’s the time to do it (look up…up at the top of the screen…see that box? enter your email there to sign up). You’ll get the juicy details and an original photo illustration that won’t ever be seen on the blog. The only way to see these special works of art (created by yours truly) is to get the newsletter. So sign up 🙂 You know, if you want to. I won’t beg or anything. Really.

Since this quest consumed my life for several days I thought I’d share what my workspace looks like now, and when I get it spiffy I’ll share the after. Getting to peak at someone’s workspace is like rummaging around in their brain and seeing all the juicy bits. It says a lot about a person, how they keep their surroundings while working. I’m curious to hear what you think of mine…though in the interests of full disclosure you should know that I did tidy just a bit before I took the picture. I mean…sixteen empty Starbucks cups just doesn’t look rational no matter who you are.

So here we are, my space…before:


Yes, that’s a pillow on my chair. Again, sign up for the newsletter and hear all about it. The shiny white thing on the left is an iPad. That’s a World of Warcraft multi-button mouse, and the green glowing lights in the background on the left is a gaming keypad that helps me cast my spells faster. Yes…I’m that person. The small white electronic gadget on the right behind the Starbucks is a fake sun, because I miss the real one. That box on the right is where I toss everything I don’t want people to see but don’t feel bothered to put away properly. The papers…taxes. ugh. The handle on the one drawer in my writing table has been missing since about six months after I brought it home. The laminate is pealing and the legs are wobbly but it was only $99 brand new so I’m not complaining. It served well for many years. The chair is an Office Depot special. I hate the chair.

So there you have it! My “before” writing/designing space. Share your own! I’d love to see them. I showed you mine, after all 😉