I spent the last few days in New York City. Or, more specifically, in a hotel in New York. I didn’t get out as much as I wanted to because I spent too much time talking to people and attending a conference. I had a blast! It just meant I didn’t do the photo trip I wanted to do.

Still, I managed to get just a few images that I’ll share over the next few weeks. This one seemed to just shout “New York” to me. It’s an exhausting city. There’s a constant stream of people, all of them in a hurry, and a sense of frenetic energy I’ve never felt anywhere else. It’s more than a little intimidating. But, if you walk like you know where you’re going, it’s possible to go with the flow and end up somewhere really cool, like, for instance, Grand Central Station.

I stood on some steps inside the station for quite awhile surveying the “rat race” and envisioning scenes from movies that I knew took place in this space. It really is amazing. So many people! Almost all of them looking down at their cell phones. Just look at them… they all have their own stories to tell. Their own struggles, successes. But most of them never look up or make eye contact with those around them. Maybe it’s the only way to truly handle this many people in such a tight space.

If you’ve never been, just downstairs from where I took this shot is a food court with some of the best smells! You can get everything from pizza to crepes down there. Yes, I know there’s fancier places above ground. I’ve been to some of those too, and enjoyed them immensely. But sometimes you just want to sit with a nice slice and watch the crowd go by, you know?

Hopefully I’ll go back for a true photo journey through the city. In the meantime, thanks NY!