LOOK, I’m it! The lovely Debra Kristi tagged me for the Look meme traveling the blogs. (Check out her sneak peak here: http://debrakristi.wordpress.com/)

While I normally try to stay away from these sorts of things, I thought this one would be fun because it gives you a sneak peak of my debut novel. It’s just a tiny peak, but I’m excited to share it.

The rules are, search for the word “look” in your work in progress and then share the surrounding paragraphs. I’m supposed to tag people as well, but in the interest of not contributing to the chain letter I’ll simply leave it open. If you’re a writer and this sounds like fun to you, consider yourself tagged and let me know…I’ll link to you! If you’d rather not, no harm done and no pressure.

In the coming weeks, I’ll introduce these characters properly, but for now I’ll leave them as a bit of a mystery. Tarian is the protagonist and has just been attacked by something very nasty. Manny is a prison guard at the Cellar, a detention center for magical criminals, and her best friend.


“Nice look you got going there, chica. I’m liking the pants. What’s this?” Manny tugged at the torn sleeve of her jacket.

“Just a scratch. That a new shirt?” The foreign power coursing through her lurched toward Manny, as if searching for a new conquest. Tarian snatched her arm away. It throbbed, then a sharp jolting pain shot up her forearm and into her shoulder. She had to grit her teeth not to curse.

“You know me, a style magnet.” Manny modeled for her, turning his body to the side to show off. His coffee colored skin vibrated against the black T-shirt and jeans.


Yes, it’s very short. Just a tease, really. Stop back by for more about my debut novel, including an explanation of who those eyes belong to.

Now, tag! You’re it!