I love taking photos of flowers. They don’t whine when you take multiple shots, they stand still (unless the wind is blowing) and they don’t fret over whether their hair looks good. They are the perfect thing to learn on when you take up photography as a hobby. Plus, they make nice looking posters for the wall.

What strikes me sometimes is something I didn’t see when I took the shot. Sure, I noticed the colors splayed in front of me like a rainbow. I noticed how the flower was slowly losing petals, and nearing the end of the life cycle but still beautiful. I noticed the lingering scent in the air which tickled my nose and made me smile.

I didn’t notice the ant.

Did you?

Go ahead, look closer.

The same thing happens, in a larger scale, every day. Interesting, beautiful things are all around us. On the way to work. On the way to the gym. Outside the grocery store. Down the street from wherever we live. It’s there. Just waiting for you to look closer and see it.

That’s why I love photography. With the camera in my hand, I notice more. I look for things that normally would never catch my eye. Then sometimes, when I get home and look at the image I captured, I find something more than I thought I had.

It’s not just a flower. It’s a bit of life, caught in a moment.

Have you caught a moment lately?