Jasper's list: curling up on Mom's shoes, sleeping in a sunbeam, and hours of petting.

Have you ever thought about writing down a list of things that make you happy? On a sad or lonely day, a reminder of the simple things that surround me and fill me with joy is exactly what I need to shake the blues. Or at least, put a tiny smile on my face.

I know there’s things that I’ve forgotten. A list like this should grow as we grow, and it can never be too long. So here it is, my ever-expanding list of little things that make me happy. Please, add something from your list in the comments below. Help me build my list!


Happiness Is…


A warm cup of mocha latte on a cold day.

A fuzzy cat curled up next to me.

The same fuzzy cat playing with a string, toy, or spec of dust.

A hug from someone I care about.

A kiss from my hubby.

The look of pure joy and awe on a child’s face when they discover something new.

A cool breeze on a warm day.

Writing a scene that comes out better than I planned.

A square of Dove Dark Chocolate melting slowly on my tongue.

Warm sun on my face.

A good book.

The feeling of strength that comes after lifting weights or doing yoga.

A shoulder rub.

Taking a photo that exactly captures the feeling of a moment.

Cosmetics that makes me FEEL beautiful.

Leaving the store with a purchase that makes me giddy with excitement and happy I spent the money.

Squishing my toes into brand new, freshly cleaned and vacuumed carpet

A rainy afternoon/thunderstorm.

Fluffy socks.


What about you? What makes you happy?