If you checked out my ROW80 update on Sunday, you’ll know I had issues with my reading challenge the past couple of weeks. I picked up one book to read, then quickly put it down. I picked up another book, and it scared me so much I put it down. It took several more tries to land on a book that I wanted to continue with. I’m happy to say I found one, but I’m not finished with it yet. So, this week’s update: a movie double feature!

This Means War (Reese WitherspoonChris Pine and Tom Hardy)

What a fun, light, good time for a Saturday night! Sure, the plot isn’t the deepest in the world, and it’s not going to win an Oscar, but I enjoyed it. My husband enjoyed it. We both arrived semi-cranky and left it a great mood. What else could you ask for?

There were some great lines in this movie:

“Mistakes make us who we are.” Ain’t that the truth?

“Don’t choose the better man, choose the man who makes you a better woman.” Ladies, that’s great advice!

Lauren: “I think I’m going to Hell.”

Trish: “No you’re not, but if you are, I’ll be there to pick you up.”

Now that’s a friend!

I loved how the two FBI agents warred over the girl, while they tried to catch the bad guy. It felt like a mix of buddy-movie/chick flick. In other words, a great date night movie.

A few times during the movie I wished they’d let the facial expressions speak for themselves. Especially for Reese. It’s like they weren’t confident we’d understand what she was feeling so they had her announce it. It’s the old “show, don’t tell” stand by that writers are so familiar with. At one point Lauren announces “I’m sweating.” Yes, sweetie, we see that.

My husband asked me at the end of the movie which man I’d have chosen. I ask you, ladies, which would you choose?

Chris Pine

Option A: The stunningly good looking, extremely confident, pushes you to your extremes and past them sort.


Tom Hardy

Option B: The sweet, lovable, guy-next-door with a British accent?

I’ll confess, I went with Option C: My husband. Awwww!

The Adjustment Bureau – (Matt DamonEmily Blunt and Michael Kelly)

I wanted to see this when it was in the theater but never got around to it. Hooray for Netflix! At least…it used to be on Netflix. I hear their collection is shrinking by the day, but I digress.

This movie is an interesting mix of The Matrix meets Oh God. The Chairman (God? Not sure), who creates a plan for everyone. If you deviate from the plan, the guys with the Adjustment Bureau sweep in and nudge you back on course. But what happens when you meet the love of your life, the one you weren’t supposed to meet, and can’t get her out of your mind? You fight for her of course!

I think some will have a really hard time suspending their disbelief in this movie. It never quite explains if The Chairman is supposed to be God, or if it’s more of a technological thing, or even aliens. I think it does that on purpose, to leave you wondering. “You use many names.” I suppose we would, being mere humans. Humans who obviously can’t get it together enough to chart our own course through life. Looking around at the state of the world lately, I have to admit they might have a point.

At any rate, I did enjoy this movie. I loved that the guy doesn’t forget the girl, that he struggles to get to her, that they climb the heights to be together. Ah, romance with a sci-fi twist! Matt Damon and Emily Blunt didn’t disappoint, and the acting overall was spot on.

Now, every time I see a guy wearing a hat I’ll be just a bit suspicious (see the movie, that will make sense I promise). I also want to know why the Adjustment Bureau only employs men. Seems a bit sexist to me.

I’d like to nominate Anthony Mackie, who plays one of the Bureaus henchmen, for Best Smile award.