Rockville Town Square


As I was walking around Rockville Town Square the other day, I tried to take in the entire scene: kids playing on turf and rocks, people on the benches chatting or sitting at the tables trying to study, an older woman walking her dog, business people enjoying lunch. I sat, admiring the view and wondering about the people. For instance, I wonder why this girl was so tired. Or maybe she just enjoyed the feel of the sun on her back. I wish I’d asked her. I’d love to know her story.

I wish more towns had spaces like this. Or maybe they do, and I’ve just never noticed.  I’m very happy we managed to find one, and that we live in it. All of this, right outside my door. It’s a writer’s playground, really.

If you ever drive through Rockville, be sure to stop at Rockville Town Square and have lunch/dinner/breakfast. Stop at the library, which is just behind the camera view here. Take in a movie down the street at the theater. Or just sit on a bench and enjoy the moment.

I hear in the summer they have live concerts and outdoor movies, and that soon there will be an ice rink there where the grass is now. I doubt I skate, but I’ll be sure to take some pictures!

What about you? What sorts of things can you see right outside your door?