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Windows To Imagination



Guess what day it is! Guess What. Day. It. is!

I bet you’re all hearing that commercial in your head right now. You’re welcome.

It’s the middle of the work week! Bet you thought I was going to say something else. Maybe Lasagna Day or Pancake Day…wait, that was yesterday. Anyway, today I’m starting something new. I’ve been thinking about this website and the direction it should take, and  I thought that what I really want to do besides share my stories with the world is share a little bit of visual story to go with them. So I’ll be doing an experiment. Usually my photography reflects truth as I see it around me, wherever I happen to be. But as with my writing, truth can be a little dull and ordinary. I’d like to sprinkle a little magic into it.

And these days there’s really nothing to stop any of us from throwing a little magic into the mix to create a window to the imagination that lets our inner child come out to play. Sometimes all it takes to spark that imagination is a picture that  takes us to another world if only for a minute. That’s what I hope to bring to you. On Wednesdays. Because, you know…it’s Wednesday!

As you look at the image, I hope you let your imagination roam. Go on, try it. Take a good look at the photo. Tell me, what’s the story?



2 comments on… “Windows To Imagination”

  1. Ok, I’ll give this a go…..

    ‘It was no more than a whisper, half heard in the half light and shadow, and yet it insinuated her waking thoughts like the wind restless in treetops before a storm.
    As the pewter light unwove the nights clinging shadows, finally curiosity overcame her dread. She stepped out into the dank wind and dim light, following the uncanny certainty that drew her on through entangling swathes of rushes, movement layering another gathering tide of whispers to that one within… Or beyond.
    Fear caught in her throat, with that thought she almost fled back to the safety of walls and stone…
    But she took a step…
    And another…
    On into the shadow of shadows…’

    Haha! Well I have no idea where that’s going, but I gave it a shot! Quite good fun actually off the cuff…! I’ll probably read it later and cringe!

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