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An artist creating sidewalk art at the Irish Festival. I

This weekend I ventured out of my chair to visit the North Texas Irish Festival. It’s held at Fair Park in Dallas every year in March. I had a great time doing my bit for the economy. I bought a hand-crafted necklace from a local artist, cast paper art for the wall, a pretty hair thingie, and a book from an indie author.

I almost bought a corset, but the thought of trying to squeeze into one deterred me. I watched others trying them on, and I couldn’t help but think this medieval torture device should have been allowed to fade away. Yes, it gives you a waist. But since you can’t breathe, you won’t need one. Because you’ll suffocate to death.

Which means I’m going to have a heck of a time developing a steampunk costume.

Things I love about festivals: the inspiration which comes from watching other creative people being creative; the people watching; the live entertainment; the shopping; the people watching; the puppy dogs; the sunshine; the people watching; the awesome smells of cooked sausage and hot dogs and, in this case, Irish stew; and the people watching.

Irish dog at the Irish festival.

Funny thing, when you start taking pictures of people they start glaring at you. Unless you take a picture of their dog.

I also think I may have found a solution to the energy crisis. Look at this, kids in giant gerbil balls! Think of the power each one of them could generate. Move over wind turbines, there’s a new kid in town. Literally.

Gerbil balls filled with kids. They looked like they were having a good time. All I could think was "look at all that energy, we must harness it!"

8 comments on… “Sláinte!”

  1. What a cool post! Sounds like you had a blast. I think you’re right. We should harvest kid energy. As long as they’re having fun it couldn’t be construed as abuse, right!?! LOL

    • I wish I had more of a crowd shot to show. In particular, all the adults standing around with perplexed, amused grins as they watched their children run like little mad people. Was pretty funny, all around. All I could think was good thing it was a cool day. How hot must it be in there?

  2. Kids in gerbil balls! Where were those when my kid was little? My mother in law always said, if we could bottle that energy and sell it, we’d be rich. Maybe the festival organizers are on to something?

    • Maybe they are! Maybe they’d secretly connected each kid-ball to a power source that stores all the energy. Wish I’d asked 😉

  3. Great shots! I’ll have to go next year. I love the idea of the kids in the gerbil balls – wish I had two when my kids were little. I wonder if they have some big enough for college kids…..

    • I bet any number of college students could fit in there, especially if they’d been drinking ;-). It’s a lot of fun, I highly recommend going. If nothing else it’s a chance to sit in the sunshine, get some fresh air, and listen to some fun music. Who can listen to an Irish jig and not bop just a little? Nobody!

  4. 1) Sidewalk painting is so cool.
    2) People watching is the best.
    3) Dogs wearing hats are hilarious.
    4) Kids in gerbil balls are awesome!
    5) People watching is the best.

    Sounds like a super great day.

  5. What a fun afternoon Melinda! And I won’t hold it against you because it was done in the name of the Irish. Well that’s because I am Irish. LOL! But who wouldn’t like to be one of those kids rolling around in one of those big plastic clear balls? Too fun. Gerbil balls did you say? What a great day! 🙂

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