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Out With The Old

This is what a 10x20 storage unit looks like when it's 3/4 full. Yes, we fit a lot more in there. When we were done, you couldn't see the ceiling, the floor or the walls. It barely closed. It was one giant Jenga puzzle, just waiting for someone to pull the first piece.
This is what a 10×20 storage unit looks like when it’s 3/4 full. Yes, we fit a lot more in there. When we were done, you couldn’t see the ceiling, the floor or the walls. It barely closed. It was one giant Jenga puzzle, just waiting for someone to pull the first piece.

You might have noticed a certain silence around here last week. I was back in my old stomping grounds, emptying out the storage unit we left behind when we moved to Maryland. I spent most of the week going back and forth from my parents home to the storage locker to meet people and watch them cart away things. At first, I was worried I’d never get rid of it all in the few days I had to make this happen. In reality, people were only too happy to take things off my hands and put them into theirs. Friends, family, and complete strangers all helped me purge this Goliath of a storage unit until at long last it stood wonderfully, magnificently empty.

As I gazed into the depths, giddiness washed over me. I had a sudden urge to dance with glee right there. The only thing that stopped me was knowing the entire place is under video surveillance and knowing my luck the entire thing would be on YouTube before I could get back home. Then again, would that really be so bad? Everyone should dance with glee every now and then. Go ahead, do a Snoopy dance right there in your office. Nobody will mind!

Okay, maybe they’ll snicker. Or grin. Or maybe they’ll join you in wild, reckless abandon. How fun would that be?

This is what an empty 10x20 storage locker looks like. Isn't it wonderful?
This is what an empty 10×20 storage locker looks like. Isn’t it wonderful?

Getting rid of things we no longer needed nor had space for left me feeling light and airy. I know some people like to hoard things, and sometimes I’m no exception. But sometimes, every now and then, it’s worth it to just let go of all the crap that’s weighing us down. Go on, take the plunge. Pick up that thing in the depths of your closet that you haven’t seen in years and don’t need. Yes, I know your Aunt gave it to you on your fifth birthday. She won’t know. I promise. If it’s usable, donate it to charity. If it’s not, toss it. Feel the release that comes from reclaiming closet space and letting go of something you didn’t need anyway. Don’t let someone else’s expectations or guilt stop you from finding that moment of Zen.

Let me know when the giddiness sets in.

Or is that just me?


7 comments on… “Out With The Old”

  1. I too need to purge…love the emptiness of that last picture….someday I too will have that feeling to dance with glee! someday…

  2. What a liberating feeling it must have been to get rid of all the old stuff 🙂 Moves are great opportunities for decluttering your life. Most people just move in such a hurry that they stuff everything in boxes indiscriminatingly and carry them to the new place.

    I really need to get rid of stashes of paper. I’m an information hoarder. A few years back when I cleaned my basement, I discovered I still had notes and books left from my junior high school years. All knowledge is not worth saving 😛

    • I found several boxes of old college textbooks. I had this inner voice telling me I wasn’t allowed to get rid of them, but I tuned her out and sent them on their way lol. All but the Complete Works of Shakespeare. I remember paying something ridiculous for it…like $300 (when I had no money!) and I’m keeping it forever! Haven’t ever looked in it again either. It’s like one of those huge old Bibles. Big, takes up space, but can’t bring myself to let it go because it cost so much to begin with. So the purging wasn’t complete, but it’s getting there.

      I also found all my report cards from kindergarden, first grade, etc. I kept those too LOL

  3. Ahh. I feel lighter for you! If I was there, we’d be dancing like fools and having a great time. Emptying a storage unit is a fabulous thing! Celebrate it.

    You’ve inspired me to tackle all the crap we’ve got sitting around here. Stuff that literally IS hiding in my closet that I haven’t seen in years. Then the key is to not buy more stuff to fill in the blank spaces!

    • I have no doubt that had you been there we’d both be on YouTube right now 😀 You’re right though, the trick is to not fill up the empty space with more stuff! That’s harder than it should be.

  4. I LOVE cleaning things out. It feels great! I have a garage full of things we need to do that with after getting the new carpet. Want to come over and help us organize the sell and unload? 😉 I’m glad you got to enjoy that giddy feeling of the weight coming off. You can also celebrate not paying for that storage unit any longer. Yay!

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