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Jasper’s Diary: The Alarm Clock Routine


Cat Tail 090613


I try to teach them, but they just don’t get it. Parents. They don’t listen! Every day I gotta wake them up. If I didn’t wake them up, they’d sleep all day. I’d never get fed!

You’d think they’d be grateful, but no. This morning Mom actually hissed at me. She growled, then pushed me off the bed. I’m starving! I don’t think she cares.

It’s hard work, getting them out of bed every single day. Today I snuggled with Mom, but she didn’t wake up.  I whispered “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. I’m hungry. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.”


I nudged her with my nose. She made a growly noise and rolled over.

So hungry!

I tickled her side, which made her jump. So funny! Her eyes opened. I was excited, and ran to the door. But she didn’t follow. I had to go back and massage her back, then her arm, then walk up and down her stomach. She just rolled over.

So I pushed at her hands. Mom! I’m hungry! Feed me!

She hid her hands under the blankets.

The door is closed, so I can’t get to the kitchen. Why is the door closed? No door should be closed. All doors should be open. I knocked on the door, and looked back, but she didn’t get up.

I’m bored.

And hungry.

So hungry.

And bored.

I jumped back on the bed, and then I jumped on Mom’s belly. So soft and bouncy! Bounce, bounce, bounce. Wheee! I like to jump on Mom’s belly.

Jump on mom, jump back down, jump on mom, jump back down. So fun!

Mom pushed me off the bed again.

Her feet moved. She’s up!

I’m hungry! Open the door and feed me Mom!

No, Mom. That’s the wrong direction! No…not that way. Go the other way. No, the other way.

She never listens.

I tried to show her the right way by blocking the wrong way but she tripped over me.

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Finally, she listens.


Wish they’d learn. Every day I gotta teach them again.

Why don’t they remember to feed me?


6 comments on… “Jasper’s Diary: The Alarm Clock Routine”

  1. Aw. Jasper’s a cute kitty. Our son was just visiting and he brought with him his new twelve week old kitten. She is adorable. And yes, a pest in the middle of the night. “Wake up, wake up. I want to play!” lol. She went home with the son. We can sleep now. 🙂

    • We’re seriously considering giving Jasper his own bedroom, and shutting him in there at night. That, or getting him a kitten to pester him hehe. Knowing my luck, both of them will jump on me at once. at 3:00 am.

      It’s a good thing he’s so darn fuzzy and cute!

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