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Crickets, Bats and Potential

I was in Austin for a conference last weekend, and managed to pop outside to get a few photos around the hotel. I didn’t stay long; it was ridiculously hot and covered in crickets. Millions of hoppy black things determined to climb up legs and get into the plumbing.

Austin is a fantastic city, with a ton of night life and… well, life. But dang it was hot and so humid you could drink the air.  At any rate, just outside the hotel are a ton of trees and a pretty river/lake over which spans the infamous bat bridge. Hiding underneath that bridge are thousands or millions of bats. They’re famous for the bats, and it’s an event to go see them fly out at sunset. Funny thing, though…despite all the tourists lined up to watch the darn bats refused to cooperate. They ordered pizza and stayed in! Every now and then one would swoop out, see us, and dive back under the bridge. So I can’t share bat photos with you. But I can share this one, even if I have no idea what this is. They were attached to the trees around the hotel, and I liked how they seemed so full of potential. Like any moment they might burst and life would pour out. Maybe little tree nymphs, or fairies, or… well use your imagination.

Hopefully, whatever comes out likes crickets.

1 comment on…“Crickets, Bats and Potential”

  1. haha! I don’t blame you for staying in! Crickets are way too mobile, hopping around like little psychotic demons. Okay, I’m not a bug person 🙂 Sorry you didn’t get to see the bats. I got to see this event in Gainesville. It was freaky, all the bats swarming out at once. Maybe it was too hot for ’em? Not sure what kind of seed pods those are? Maybe someone in Texas can chime in.

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