Raegan Reid is a rifter.

Some people call her a hero, and some call her a monster.

Both are right. 

FBI recruit Raegan Reid wasn’t supposed to use her magic during training, but she did. Now she’s been kicked out for being dangerous and unfit, and has no idea what to do next. When she comes across a group of thugs using siren song to steal a dying boy’s medicine, she sees a way to redeem herself and get back into the program.

By the time the song settles and the fight is over, the medicine is gone. Raegan is forced to work with, and around, local law enforcement to get it back. This should be no problem for a former star recruit, right?

The laws Raegan thought she wanted to uphold are now getting in her way. She’ll have to decide what’s more important, pursuing her dreams or a dying boy’s life?

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