Lizzie Bellamy thought she left her past and her famous family behind, but the past and the man she’s always loved more than she should are about to catch up with her.

Lizzie Bellamy is an inn keeper. She loves her grand old house in upstate New York, she loves organizing the weddings that take place under its roof, and she loves being far, far away from the parties and spotlights that killed her marriage. Her sisters are the pop stars, she’s just the backstage Bellamy, and she likes it that way. 

But her past life catches up with her when her youngest sister, Della, shows up at the inn still clutching her latest award and announces “I don’t want to be me anymore.” Lizzie’s always happy to see her sister, it’s the crowd that follows her she wants to avoid, especially Jackson Renic, the executive who broke up her family, the friend who betrayed her, and the man she shouldn’t have loved anyway.

Self Evident Records is Jackson Renic’s life. His artists are his family, and he hates to see one go off the rails, especially Della Bellamy. She is his first client, his biggest star, and the sister of the woman he’s never been able to forget. When Della runs out on her latest tour, Renic knows he has to be the one to make her see sense. His business, and everything they’ve both worked for, will be in jeopardy if he doesn’t. He’ll risk anything to prevent that, even facing Lizzie Bellamy again.

Lizzie and Renic both want Della’s life back on track, but a world of old hurt and years of misunderstandings keep tripping them up. Working together brings them close in a way neither of them expects. In Lizzie it raises old fears, in Renic it raises old hopes. Will Renic be able to convince Lizzie that they have a future, when she keeps clinging to the past?


Author’s Note: Author’s Note: Frenemies-to-lovers. Opposites attract. Second chance romance. Fighting as foreplay. Small-town setting. Misunderstandings that keeps bubbling to the surface. Divorced, feisty innkeeper heroine. Smooth record executive hero who has been pining over her for years. Steam Level: Too hot to handle. Shenanigan Level: High. Feels: Big time.