Jeremy RennerRachel Weisz and Edward Norton


The Bourne Legacy movie posterSometimes it’s nice to kick back with a great action flick. One with a solid plot, twists and turns, one that’s part of something even larger than itself and carries with it intrigue and politics, a hero who is human, and a heroine who isn’t a doormat. One with action sequences where they are needed, and not where they’re… not.

The Bourne Legacy is one of those.

My only complaint about this movie is that it didn’t really end. Obviously there’s another one coming, which I hadn’t considered when I set out to watch it. Halfway through I started thinking “there is no way they will wrap this up anytime soon.” When the music came up and I knew it was ending I was, frankly, pissed off. I wanted more. I wanted closure. I wanted a romp in the sheets between the two main characters, or, at least, a passionate kiss. Preferably with his shirt off.

I wanted Jason Bourne back in the mix. Really back in, not just his picture and his name bandied about at every possible turn. I wanted to watch the people who run this sick government program take it up the rear. Hopefully that part is coming, someday. Pamela Landy better be leading the charge, too, is all I can say.

Despite all that, this was a fun movie. Great story, and not nearly as much headache-inducing camera shaking as the previous Bourne’s.

I loved how this part of the Bourne story felt like a part of the whole. I loved how Jeremy Renner played the part of a compassionate, programmed assassin. His consideration for the people he encounters is why the program, Outcome, is considered to be, if not a failure, not a resounding success either. I loved how the girl was human, but not clingy, and how she stepped up and took the lead when she needed to, and backed off when she didn’t. They were a great pair.

The next branch of the program, Larx, has all the skills, with no messy guilt getting in the way. Watching the Larx agent sent to kill them was like watching Terminator without the liquid metal stuff. No emotions, no expressions, just a killing machine. It’s really creepy to think they can create that from a human being.

If you’re looking for an entertaining movie to take your mind off things, this is it. It’s a fun evening out. Just don’t expect a neatly wrapped ending.