SkyfallDaniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris

It seems to me the last few Bond movies have been trying to add a depth to the character that I’m not sure is needed. Why, exactly, do people go to see a Bond movie anyway? Great action, a fun story, and a character that is larger than life, kicks butt, and has the sex life the rest of us can fantasize about. It’s the life of a secret agent…mysterious, full of danger, sex, mayhem, and in the end, our hero walks away victorious and mostly unscathed. It’s comforting, it makes us able to relax and enjoy the ridiculous stunts and the special effects and the over the top explosions…because our hero will be triumphant! We know he will, because after all this is a franchise and they’ll keep making these movies as long as we keep paying to see them.

So why change the character if we’re happy with him the way things are? Maybe they were afraid we’d get bored with Bond. Maybe they were bored themselves. Whatever the reason, I really wish they’d stop making Bond seem old. It makes me worry they’ll end the series, and I really, really don’t want it to end. I enjoy them too much!

Skyfall didn’t disappoint. There’s a solid story, tons of backstory letting us in on Bond’s dirty little secrets, explosions, chases, and a twist at the end that I didn’t believe happened even after the credits rolled. Several times the audience applauded, and me right along with them. Once in particular for the appearance of the old style car which is still classic and completely Bond.

This time they didn’t have him order his drink “shaken, not stirred.” Instead, we watch the bartender shake the martini and hand it to him, after which he simply says “perfect.”

The bad guy in this was a very, very bad man but the attack was personal, rather than against a country or society at large. It struck close to home for Bond, literally. I liked all of that. A few parts got a little slow and started to drag but just when I was wishing they’d speed things up, they did.

As always, the opening song, sung by Adele, was fantastic and the opening graphics were pretty darn cool.

If you’re looking for a fun action movie, this won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for a deeper plot, you’ll be happy with it too. If you’re looking for Daniel Craig’s bare chest, there’s some of that as well. If you’re looking for steamy sex scenes, they left them out. I have to admit, that’s probably what disappointed me the most. There was a lot less sexual tension in this, even though they did try to give it a nod here and there. Come on, part of the Bond mystique is his conquest of women! Yes, it’s chauvinistic  but on the other hand who says the women felt used? Maybe they enjoyed it! They certainly seem to.

Ah well, there’s always the next Bond movie.