The Silver Sickle, by Ellie Ann


I had the pleasure of reading this on the plane on my way to Atlanta, and when we landed I nearly refused to leave until I finished. What a fascinating story! It has a real steampunk vibe, but it’s not Victorian. To be honest I couldnt tell you what planet it takes place on because it felt so very foreign to everything I know. In a good way.

I should probably explain that. The culture consists of humans, who live their lives and work and play all in the shadow of “goddesses” who steal away girls to be “consecrated.” It’s a great honor, and when they are harvested they go to The Silver Sickle. The thing is, nobody knows exactly what the Silver Sickle is. Some believe it’s paradise, where they will live like Queens the rest of their days. Others believe it’s a reincarnated life. Others believe it has a more menacing purpose. Who’s right? Well gosh I guess you’ll have to read to find out!

No, darn it, no spoilers on this one. Sure, you can beg. But I’m not tellin’!

What I will tell you is along with the humans and goddesses is a race of robot machines which look like mechanical dwarves (at least that’s what they look like in my head). Their entire goal is to protect and obey the King, and humans. If they don’t, they explode. Pretty strong motivation I’d say.

But what if those two orders are at odds? And what if the goddesses would rather they NOT protect anyone? Just who are these goddesses anyway?

Do read, and find out!

First Line:


The Clock Struck One.


Gira stood in the Silver Sickle. She planted her feet wide on the spongy surface. The hairs covering her torso trembled at the intense heat. That heat felt life-giving.


The cocoon was eye-level. She studied the shiny membrane – the rounded edges melting into the wall, the cord that emerged from the wall and slid down the hatchling’s throat, bringing the nutrients in. The shiny lips. The gray, closed eyelids. It had not been this big yesterday. She watched the wondrous creation grow.


Right away I knew I was in a strange world, and in for quite the adventure. This story is steampunk meets Thailand culture with a twist. Fun, fun, fun! If you like science fiction and/or fantasy, or being tantalized by a mystery wrapped around mechanical men, or just an escape into a fantastically different world, then this one’s for you.