So it seems we all survived, once again, a predicted doomsday. Or rapture day. Whichever. Congratulations! Now that you have another chance at life, I highly recommend living it to the fullest. Try not to wait in lines too long, like this little guy. I’ve never seen a more perfect expression of boredom! What I wish I could picture here is the many ways he managed to amuse himself during the 30 minutes wait. We were all hearded into a small area to await the Lion King at Animal Kingdom, and while the adults tried to wait patiently this little guy showed all over his face what we all were feeling. He played with the rocks. He played ring around the tree. And around. And around. And around. He went around the tree with the rocks. He found a stick, which became a wand, a tool, a bludgeon, a cane, and a pokey thing for getting bugs off the tree. Finally, after all that, he sat on a large stone and looked like this.

The doors opened soon after. I hope he found the show worth the wait. I know I did.

So whatever it is you are waiting for…I hope the show is worth it!