Well, now aren’t you a sight for these poor old eyes! Please, come in…come in. Sit down on this nice, fluffy chair and tell me all about your hard day. A coworker was mean to you today? Well, that’s just not right. A nice sweet girl like you shouldn’t have to put up with such things. Now, now, dearie…here, have a nice cup of tea. Go on, have a sip. That’s it. It’s nice, isn’t it? Take a cookie, the wafer ones go quite well with the tea.

What’s that? You are feeling sleepy? Well, why don’t you lay your pretty little head down right there on the arm of the chair…that’s it. Don’t worry about a thing, dear…just drift off to sleep….

Now, where did I put that knife?

(No, I haven’t gone insane…this is a statue at the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World and it just seemed to me she had something to say!)