This weekend I made the trek to the bluebonnet trails near Ennis, TX. They don’t last long, so if you think you might want to check it out don’t hesitate…just go! You’ll be glad you did. It’s amazing. They had a bike race going on, and I couldn’t imagine a prettier bike tour. Not that I was peddling anything…I like the car for this sort of thing. I stopped every 50 yards or so I think because I’d see another view I liked, or a flower, or a horse. Yes there were other people doing the same thing I was, but everyone was very respectful of each other and we all got some good shots. I especially like this one for the random horse droppings…No, seriously I just thought the view from this spot was spectacular. My fingers are itching to get it into Photoshop thought and clean it up. Er, pun intended 😀