Film and a Camera

By Melinda VanLone | Photos

May 02

I spent the evening last night with a good friend who, it must be said, is a bit behind in the technology department. Despite my best efforts to force her into the digital age, I am constantly finding outdated technology in her possession, which I insist she purge before life can continue. One of the things that sent me over the edge was her camera. She kept going on vacations and couldn’t post any pictures to Facebook because her camera uses…dare I say it…film! ACK! of all the….well I had to remedy that right away. I gave her a shiny new digital camera. I shed a tear of pride the day she posted photos from it on Facebook. Then she called to tell me she’d found a box with her old camera in it. I told her to donate it to a museum. She said no, I’ll save it for your birthday!

And so, last night, my friend presented me with my birthday present…

I don’t know, I may have to keep it.  It might make a nice planter 😀