Vocal Love

Determined to shine outside of her more famous sister’s shadow, an ambitious pop star is about to break into the movie business, but first she has to convince her acclaimed leading man that she and their new animated feature are more than just the price of his next project. 

Piper Bellamy dreamed of being a singer since she was ten years old. She and her sisters became international sensations when she was in her teens, and living the dream was everything she thought it would be…until it wasn’t. When her youngest sister broke up their group to go solo it hit Piper like a punch deep in the gut, but now Piper has a new dream, one that her sister can’t take away. She’s playing the lead in an animated feature film and when the project’s done it will prove that she can shine out from under her sister’s shadow. The problem is her smirky new leading man Blake Ryan. He’s treating her debut like it’s an irritating speed bump, and she’s not about to let him ruin her chances of success.    

Blake Ryan is an Oscar winner and a certified Hollywood heartthrob, but he’s tired of being in front of the camera. A major studio is finally willing to back his directorial debut, but there’s a catch. If Blake wants a green light for his new project, first he has to play the lead in their animated musical movie. With the start date for filming his movie mere months away, Blake is determined to get over this speed bump as quickly as possible. The problem ishis co-star Piper Bellamy issuch a perfectionist about the music that she refuses to give her stamp of approval on any of the songs. Now his throat is raw, his patience is running thin, and his passion project is on very shaky ground. 

As Piper and Blake spend more time together their dislike-at-first-sight turns into another kind of tension. Piper finds in Blake a man who understands her ambitions. Blake discovers in Piper a woman who sees past his Hollywood persona. 

But not everyone is thrilled to see their relationship develop. Will a vicious ex’s scheme separate the new lovers forever? Or can Blake convince Piper their love is destined for more than the cutting room floor?