Seasoned With Love

Carrie Collins didn’t know she was craving something sweet until Dr. Ben showed up on the menu.

Carrie Collins, the head chef at Belhurst Castle, is not looking for a relationship. She’s made it into her forties encumbrance free and raised her nephews. Settling down and creating a family is not on her menu. So when the hunky new doctor wafts into town, she expects to watch the feeding frenzy from afar. But after one meal at her restaurant, Doctor Ben is interested a lot more than Carrie’s admittedly excellent cooking.

When the position of Head Surgeon open’s up in Ben Murphy’s home town, the offer is too good to refuse. He’s looking forward to living close to his family again, even if he could do without their hints about him settling down and having kids of his own. Then he meets Chef Carrie and suddenly settling down looks a whole lot more appealing. Cute and quirky and very much her own woman, Carrie’s the partner Ben didn’t know he’d been looking for.

But a small town relationships come with plenty watchful eyes and a whole lot of expectations attached. And Carrie decided a long time ago that the traditional life wasn’t for her. Can Ben convince Carrie he wants her just as she is or will this whirlwind romance go stale fast?