I was all set to post something different today, and then this happened:


 And I thought if winter was going to kick us in the pants on the way out the door the least I could do was document it for posterity. Plus…aren’t the trees pretty?

My favorite season is spring. I can see the trees starting to bud and I’m almost giddy with excitement. Yes, giddy. I love watching the bright green creep onto the trees. I love seeing the flowers poke their heads out. It’s life-affirming to watch nature wake up and shine. Everything is young, new, and full of hope and chance. It hasn’t been beaten down by heat, or life. It’s one giant do-over, decorated and dressed up.

I absolutely can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms. I’ll be taking trips later this week to be sure I get pictures of those too because when you live in DC cherry blossoms are the thing. When we lived in Philly I always meant to wander down here to see them but never took the time. I’m not making that mistake again, not when I live this close. Next Monday here on the blog expect to see many photos of trees dressed in pink.

Spring is my favorite season. What’s yours, and why?