‘Tis the season to…give birth to a book! I know, I’ve been teasing for some time now, but the day is almost here. Within two weeks, I’ll send Stronger Than Magic out into the world. It will be an exclusive Amazon product to start, so the only place to buy it will be Amazon.

In the spirit of the season, however, I’ve decided to give my loyal readers (and if you’re reading this, you’re loyal) a sneak peak. Not just a peak, but a true advanced copy. This is the real thing, pre-release, and absolutely free. Why? Because I can, because I like you, and because I’m hoping that it brightens your day or at least takes you away from it for a little while.

I won’t be shy, I also hope that you’ll leave a kind review for me on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever your heart allows when the time comes. Reviews are a way to give back to the author…not just me, but every author. The more reviews we get, the more happy dances we do. Hopefully they are all good reviews, but (and I say this with a slight cringe) even the bad ones help. They show us what might have worked, what didn’t, and what you, the reader, expect out of us, your authors. While you can always tell me all about it in the comments on this blog, more people will see that you LOVED the story if you post it on Amazon. There, I said it. And, I do hope you love it. Or at the very least won’t throw stones at it. It’s just a baby, after all.

If you would like a special advance reader copy of Stronger Than Magic, please click here and fill out the form or simply drop me an email directly. Just put “yes please send me Stronger Than Magic!” in the subject and/or comments and I’ll rush it to you. I promise I won’t abuse your email for any other purpose. Do make sure it has your email address, as that is how I’ll be sending the file to you. I’ll send both a PDF and a version for your Kindle, so you can read wherever you like.

No pressure on the review. Really, this is my gift to you. I ask for nothing in return. Seriously. I mean it.

Act fast, because this offer ends on Dec. 12th.