When Debra Kristi first mentioned her special friendship with Thor, I was fascinated. (Check out her blog here, where she explains the how/why/whens of Thor’s World Tour). When she mentioned he’d like to visit some of her friends, I was giddy. I mean, how often do you get the chance to visit with the God of Thunder in the flesh? When Thor finally arrived at my doorstep, I was over-the-top excited.

Now that Thor has been here a few days, I am…worried. First, I gave him caffeine which turned out to be a huge mistake. It apparently affects Gods differently that us mere humans, and he ran off on a mission to find a “steed.” I took pictures, see these two posts:

A Godly Visitor

Thor is a Lush

Why he needs one, when he can fly with that hammer of his, I have no idea. I managed to track him down for a brief moment when he stopped to examine a fountain.




He appeared to be quite fascinated with the water spouts, and mentioned something about Njord interfering with “his” planet. (Njord, apparently, is the God of the Sea and honestly there’s no way he’d be this far inland, in fresh water, but Thor wouldn’t listen. It was the caffeine, I’m sure.) He rammed the water with his hammer, but the water refused to cooperate.



Before I could explain, he ran off, shouting something about a march on Washington to demand justice. I chased him down the street and caught up with him on the Metro. At first, he was excited. “Here is the steed I’ve been seeking!”Β And then…not so much.


He grew angry with construction delays and the map which he proclaimed “incomprehensible.”




I escorted him off the Metro near the Tidal Basin. I tried to distract him with a visit to some of the monuments. He did seem to like them, especially the Washington Monument. He insisted I take his picture with it to send back to Loki. I’m not exactly sure why, he kept muttering something about a “mighty erection.” I didn’t ask.



I lost site of him again when a large group of German tourists arrived at the MLK Jr. memorial. Thor was fascinated by a hat one of the women was wearing, and next thing I knew he was gone. I’ll keep looking, the caffeine is bound to wear off sometime.

Check back Wednesday, hopefully I’ll have news to report on Thor’s whereabouts.