Normally I’d post a review of some sort on Friday, to set you up for the weekend. You know, offer up a good read or a movie I enjoyed or something along those lines. The problem is I read a really awesome book. You’ll like it. I know you will. But I can’t review it yet because it hasn’t officially launched. Yes, I’m nothing but a big tease today.

The movie I want to review, The Host, just came out last night and I ended up watching Syracuse instead of going to the movie. I’ll go this weekend and let you know what I thought, but in the meantime I thought I’d review a tourist destination instead.

I visited Old Town Alexandria the other day and it seems a shame not to tell you more about it. If you’re ever in the DC area, this should be on your top 10 list of places to see and do. King Street is lined with restaurants and cute shops and people. If you follow it all the way down to where it ends at the Potomac there are benches and walkways all along the water, as well as a water taxi, boats, some touristy cruises and other amusing things to see and do. You could spend all day here, taking in the atmosphere and eating. While I was there, a street musician played some sort of instrument that wafted gentle tunes into the air while kids giggled. It was peaceful, just walking along, watching others. Two older ladies sat on benches sketching the scenery filled with boats and birds. A couple of kids zoomed by on skateboards. A grandfather played on steps with his grandson.

It’s probably overloaded with people in the heat of the summer, but this time of year it wasn’t. There’s a free trolley that travels the length of King Street so you don’t have to walk the whole thing if you’re not inclined to do so. There are hidden parking garages underneath buildings here and there…look for the blue P signs.

And be sure to stop at ESP for coffee or sorbet. Pet the puppy dogs while you’re at it.


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