I see NaNoWriMo rising like the sun, casting light over my writerly cave. Or is that a fire, ready to consume my soul? It might possibly be both. At any rate, I will once again be partaking of National Novel Writing Month, which takes place inexplicably in November when most people in the US are extremely busy with things like holidays. I’m pretty sure they pick that particular month just to add a log to that fire. And if you don’t know, the challenge is to write 50k words in 30 days. In November. When you have holiday shopping and people visiting to do. Yes, it’s insane.

I have so many projects demanding attention that it’s hard to choose the lucky one for November’s plunge into writerly insanity. I do know one thing: it will belong in the Xannon series. Calliope is dying to have her own story told in the form of a novella that would probably be around 50k words, and then there’s Book #3 whining for attention as well. Which will win out? I’m not sure yet. But it’ll be fun! And crazy. It’ll involve sleep deprivation and a caffeine induced haze of semi-consciousness. All the best stories are told that way.

As I gear up for it, these posts will become shorter. They might end up being just a photo. Hopefully they brighten your day a tiny bit but don’t take too much of your time as I know you, too, will be busy. The holidays are much like NaNo, they tend to eat your soul if you let them.

If you are into such wordy things, let me know and we’ll buddy up on the NaNo website. Misery loves company! I mean, it’s good to have a cheering section at 3 am and you need another 10k words.

Yes, that happened to me. Last year, actually. Did I win NaNo? Yes, with about an hour to go. I squeaked across the finish line and then fell over into a word coma for three days. It was awesome.

Join me, won’t you?