This looks like a fantasy landscape, doesn’t it? But it’s real. It’s right here on Earth and you can visit it if you go to Great Falls National Park. I made this photo from the Maryland side, but you can also visit from the Virginia side.


There’s walking, biking, and hiking trails for every fitness level, plus parking and picnic tables. There’s probably more but I only explored a tiny portion of this gorgeous park. I confess I made a bee line for the water, because…well because it looks like this!


If you are anywhere near this place, do yourself a favor. Stop. See the water. Listen to it chat and giggle.  Relax. Read a book maybe. Or just watch the water rush by. In the words of the immortal Ferris Bueller:

“Life moves pretty fast.

If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile,

you could miss it.”

Whatever you’re doing today, stop for a few minutes. Look around. You don’t want to miss this: