Fog is a funny thing. It hides, it enhances, and it changes an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one just by being there. I have always found a good deal of mystery and magic in mist and fog. Sadly, for most of my childhood I lived in places that were decidedly fog and mist free. Every time I experience it now I like to stop and just let it wrap around me like a blanket. In this case, a slightly chilly blanket. The more trees there are in the mist, the better I like it. You never know what might be hiding in it.

I remember taking a road trip once across the south and driving down into a valley full of mist. The trees disappeared just outside the car window, and I couldn’t wait to get out and embrace the fog.

Did I mention this was in August? In the South?

I stepped outside the car and a wave of heat slapped me in the face. From inside the car, the mist looked cool and inviting. Outside the car, it lost the mystery and became a living, breathing, wet monster bent on suffocating me where I stood. It didn’t take me long to get back in the car and admire the mist from inside the air conditioned innards.

Here in DC, the mist and fog has been wonderfully cool. It lasted all day, which gave me a chance to grab a photo. I’m not sure I got the shot I was looking for, but I can still see some magic out there in that tree.

Now, to translate that magic onto the pages of my next book!

Speaking of books, since I launched my debut novel around the holidays, and we’ve all slept and eaten and burped since then, I thought now would be a good time to take a tour and show off my baby. It’s all set up, and I’m excited to be visiting so many new faces. If you’d like to keep track of where I’ll be, check out my tour launch page: