Black Hill Park, Gaithersburg, MD


I really need to plan more. Specifically, I need to plan to get out of the apartment and explore. It’s easy to end up spending the entire weekend firmly planted on the couch, streaming things on Netflix. Not that I didn’t enjoy doing that, plus I discovered shows I had no idea existed but am now in love with. The problem with a weekend like that is by the end of it I feel like I’ve wasted a portion of my life. And wasting even a tiny portion is simply not acceptable. Life’s just too short for that.

I think the problem is that it was cold, and I’m not a huge fan of bundling up in layers of coats, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, thermal underwear and legwarmers. By the time I get all of that on my body I’ve forgotten why I wanted to go out in the first place. Then I get in the car where I crank up the heater and instantly wish I wasn’t wearing the coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots, etc. Forget going into a store…they have it tropical in there so every store involves a striptease at the front so I can be comfortable while I’m in there and then a reverse striptease when I leave.

I shouldn’t complain. So far, the weather in DC has been pretty mild as far as winters go. Syracuse was definitely worse when I lived there, and don’t get me started on Philly and the two-foot snowfall I had to shovel. The light dusting of snow we got here last week made me happy and cozy, partly because it didn’t snow that much but mostly because I didn’t have to shovel it. I watched from my window with glee as a team of other people shoveled the minuscule amount of white fluff off the sidewalk and then sprinkled it with the same amount of salt. I did feel slightly guilty for the glee, but not enough to go offer to help or anything like that. That’s bad, isn’t it.

At any rate, I’m not complaining about the cold weather so much as I am complaining about my inability to brave it to go see…anything at all. There is no shortage of museums in this area, and most of them are nicely warm. It just means making an effort to leave the comfort of home and venture forth.

Next weekend I shall, indeed, venture forth!