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It’s time for kids in cute little costumes, apple cider by the fire, candy, costume parties, spooky mazes and haunted houses! I love this time of year. I love the crisp cool air in the mornings, the way the leaves crunch under my feet, the vivid colors in the landscape, and the chance to cuddle under warm blankets with hot chocolate. Or cold chocolate, I’m not picky.

Now that we live in an apartment, I miss the kids trick or treating. No kid wants to trick or treat in an apartment building…the odds of coming out with any loot at all is pretty slim. I do make sure I have candy on hand, just in case, but usually I end up eating it all which I swear wasn’t the goal. Sometimes, I spend that night with friends who have a house in a neighborhood filled with children just so I can participate. We sit on the porch, dressed up, and giggle, tease, and joke with them and their parents. Their faces are so excited and bright, and you can tell the ones that are thrilled to have one night when their make-believe is real. I remember dressing up as Fiona one year, and the looks of awe I got from every tiny face that came by. That must be the very cool part of being a character at Disneyland, that pure joy and belief of a child. They believed I was Fiona, and for a few magical hours I was.

That, my friends, is magic in our every day world.

Another thing I love? This commercial. Makes me giggle every single time.


This Halloween, if you don’t have kids stopping by, go volunteer at a carnival or sit out on the porch at a friend’s house. Have some cider, chat, relax, and enjoy the moment. It’s one night a year…grab the magic! Oh, and if you need to hide from monsters, definitely take the running car.


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